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Bayfield is so different from my Italian school – in a good way of course. Everybody is so relaxed ( I love it when the teachers or the staff members say “no worries”) I love the subjects that I am taking, Photography, Outdoor Education, Catering and Graphics it’s a shame I won’t be able to also take these subjects back in Italy. I don’t want to go back!!! I thank Bayfield High School for playing an important part in what has been (and still is) a totally awesome New Zealand experience.
Ellonora Passelli, Italy

High school in New Zealand is very different from high school in the Philippines. I think it’s great that there are a lot of subjects to choose from in Bayfield. A subject that I enjoyed most is metal work because most of the time it was about practical work. I also came to Bayfield without knowing much about rugby. I got taught how to play rugby and I played for the Bayfield team. I really enjoyed playing rugby for Bayfield, and made a lot of new friends in this experience and I would like to thank Lewis, Bradley, Donald Yung and Travis for being good mates.
Chris Pitt, Philippines

I remember being so scared of leaving home at the beginning of the year, but now I realize how silly I was. I had such an amazing time in New Zealand, I have met so many people from all over the world, I have learned so much, not only English, but much more important things that I will take for all of my life. I have learned about NZ culture, eating different things, doing things I never thought of doing before, rugby, Maori culture, I learned how to appreciate the things I had back home, be more independent, talk to people I never thought I would talk, don’t be so shy so many things! I had the most amazing host family that became a real family to me, I’m so thankful for them and everything they have done to me, they showed me how it is a family in the other side of the world and I saw how different it can be. All the friends that I have made here in school, everyone I have met here, I’ll remember them forever. People say that an exchange is the best experience you could have in your life, now after nearly one year away from home, in this beautiful, amazing country, I know it is true. Thank you for everyone in Bayfield that made this dream come true.
Mariana Santos, Brazil

It was the wisest choice for me to study at Bayfield. I had the best school time here. I enjoyed every minute at school, nice teachers, and friendly students. It was a great opportunity to meet different people from different countries. It was brilliant to have such a beautiful school. I love you, BAYFIELD!!
Jasmine Li, China

At my first days at Bayfield Highschool, I've always been confused: I didn't know where my classes are, I couldn't remember any teachers names and I just knew a few more international students. But after a short period of time everything just worked. I met a lot new people, international students, but many Kiwi students as well. Everybody was just nice and I never had any problems. Most exciting was definitely Outdoor Education the best! It was always fun and the 3 days tramp trip will probably be my highlight of the year! Also Bayfield High School's 50th jubilee was a nice experience and I'm proud that I’ve been there to celebrate it! I've enjoyed the time I've spent in New Zealand and at Bayfield Highschool already and I hope my last days will be even better.
Philip Kolkmann, Germany

When I first came to New Zealand every thing was an entirely new experience for me. I felt really home sick, how ever I think if I hadn’t of come to Bayfield High School I don’t think of would have stayed in New Zealand. Bayfield High School helped me get through being homesick; more over the teachers helped me stay on task with my subjects. They spent a lot of time trying to explain everything to me especially my mathematics teacher. I had never passed a mathematics exam until I came here; the teachers have been so good to me. I think I definitely made the right decision about going to Bayfield High School.
Minori Nakano, Japan

I have been studying at Bayfield High School for two years; I think this is a very good school to study at. The teachers are always very helpful and also very kind. Also the activities at Bayfield High School are diverse; it has shown me the New Zealand culture like the Kapa Haka. Classmates are friendly and they help me a lot in my school life and study. I am happy that I chose to study at Bayfield High School.
Kenneth Wong, Hong Kong

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