Application to enrol as an International Student

Please contact our international Dean, Mr Ewen Cameron, if you need additional information.

Family name
Given name(s)
Email address
Physical address
Daytime telephone
Evening telephone
Date of birth
What is your first language?
What is your highest educational qualification?
Year gained
What English Language Tests have you completed? (Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL, TOIEC, Other)
Score Gained
What level of study are you applying for?
Do you have any specific learning or behavioural needs?
When do you wish to start?
Length of Course required
Which subjects do you wish to study? Write them in the order you prefer
Please select your most likely course of study
If 'other', please specify
If you have plans to attend a University/Polytechnic in future years, what degree do you intend to study for?
Full name of parent signing this form
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